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10 innovations you MUST see at LuxLive 2018

With almost 200 companies exhibiting at this year’s LuxLive, it’s going to be a tricky task to see everything that the show has to offer.  But worry not if you fear that you might have missed a gem. Here’s some cool kit we think you should check out at the event…


1. LS | Coelux

The LS, or Long Sky, is the latest artificial skylight from pioneer Coelux, the first  company to technically replicate the scattering of a blue sky.  The LS Matte is able to ‘reproduce’ the sun and its bright infinite blue sky. The light is reflected on the matte white frame, creating a 45-degree sliver of uncannily natural-looking light.


Visit Coelux at stand B40a

2. SunLike | Seoul Semiconductors

The clue’s in the title. By using a violet chip instead of a blue one, Seoul Semiconductor has delivered a ground-breaking LED light source whose spectral output it’s claiming is the closest to the sun on the market and objects illuminated by it appear as they do under sunlight. See it for yourself on the exhibition.


Visit Seoul Semiconductors at stand H20

3. Easyfit Bluetooth switch | EnOcean

Imagine a light switch you can literally stick on a wall with absolutely no wiring. And it doesn’t even need a battery. The Bluetooth wireless signal is powered by act of pushing the rocker switch, which generates enough energy to send a signal to any Bluetooth enabled luminaire or circuit.


Visit EnOcean at stand J0

4. Hikari SQ | Lightly Technologies

This ultra-thin light source delivers the slim form factor of OLED but with the performance of LED. Developed by Dublin-based tech start-up Lightly Technologies, the Hikari SQ is just 3.2mm thick, but delivers a light output of 300 lumens with a colour rendering index of 90 and an efficiency of 80 lm/W.


Visit Lightly Technologies at stand A24

5. RA2 Select | Lutron

RA2 Select brings together Lutron’s skill with wireless tech and cloud connectivity to deliver a seamless home control system. It features automatic configuration of all keypads, Pico wireless keypads with 10-year battery life and the firm’s established Clear Connect wireless communications.


Visit Lutron at stand H12

6. Dunbar | Astro

This wall light in on-trend concrete adds a raw authenticity to interiors. The Dunbar 160 combines a soft curve structure with the crisp linear edge of its light output, where deeply recessed LEDs provide glare-free illumination. The concrete – which includes weatherproofing additives – has unique and natural imperfections.


Visit Astro at stand D28

7. Revo | Tamlite

Aimed at large retail and leisure facilities, the Revo comes in two versions, Focus and Comfort. Comfort is fitted with a smooth opal diffuser to provide even light distribution and softer lighting while Focus has bigger lumen packages of up to 30,000 lm. Options include uprights, movement sensors and emergency versions.


Visit Tamlite at stands P46 and E40

8. OLED panels | Applelec

Organic light emitting diodes are super thin, flexible light sources which emit light from a whole surface.  OLED allows the integration of light into objects, furniture, luminaires and interior schemes. As a surface light source, OLED light panels have a completely flat and even light output with no glare, shadow or UV and emit blue light levels which are much lower than non-organic LEDs.


Visit Applelec at stand A36

9. MyriaMesh Smart T8 LED Tube | Chess Wise

The wirelessly controlled and dimmable T8 LED tube is equipped with an internal smart LED Driver with a built-in wireless controller. The T8 LED tube is available in lengths 1200m and 1500mm and colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K. Dimming uses constant current control, allowing deep dimming to under 5 per cent.


Visit Chess Wise at stand J16

10. Why system | ES-System

Polish manufacturer ES-System will be showing the Why range of light fittings which were a big hit at Light + Building in Frankfurt this year. These beautifully-engineered pendants have opal PMMA diffusers and a striking sideways light distribution. Dali and Casambi-based Bluetooth Low Energy control is available. 


Visit ES-System at C40


See the technology disrupting the lighting industry at LuxLive 2018 in London this November.  The Property Technology Live arena will focus on the exciting digital applications of connected lighting and feature a rolling programme of talks, panels discussions and demonstrations. It’s one of eight different conference tracks. See the full programme HERE.