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‘Godfather of Li-Fi’ to speak at LuxLive

The exciting tech of Li-fi – the transmission of data by visible light from LED lighting. will be explored by the so-called ‘godfather of Li-fi’, Professor Harald Haas, the chief commercial officer of pioneering Scottish start-up, pureLiFi.

THE MAN credited with pioneering the ground-breaking technology of Li-Fi will explore its future in offices and public spaces in a special presentation at LuxLive 2018.

Professor Harald Haas, dubbed the so-called ‘godfather of Li-Fi’ will explain how the transmission of data by visible light from LED lighting can turn lights into Internet access points and free up congested bandwidth.

Haas, the chief commercial officer of pioneering Scottish start-up, pureLiFi, will outline an exciting future in which lighting and digital services can merge to create responsive workplaces.

Other top names speaking in the Property Technology Live 2018 arena at LuxLive include CBRE, British Land, JLL and WeWork.

Taking place on both days of the exhibition – Wednesday 14 November and Thursday 15 November 2018 – Property Technology Live brings together a global community of developers, landlords, tenants and technologists to explore how we can transform our workplaces into exciting destinations of choice.

As the lines between professional and personal lives blur, high expectations are being set for the workplace. It’s becoming a key differentiator for employers to attract and retain talent, expecially millennial and so-called Generation Z. Flexibility, wellbeing and engagement are now the key drivers transforming the workspace experience.

Property developers and landlords are increasingly seeing igital technology, including the Internet of Things, as a way to create enhanced environments and deliver data about productivity and utilisation.

The programme includes some exemplar projects which are showing the exciting future of the workplace.

Wednesday’s keynote will see Star Davis of WeWork in New York discuss the role of technology, design and lighting in creating the company’s distinctive interiors. The company has disrupted the commercial property market with its unique offer of playful, collaborative interiors.

The programme also features CBRE’s remarkable regional office in Amsterdam. The installation of ‘human-centric’ lighting there has boosted productivity by 18 per cent and improved work accuracy by 12 per cent. Additionally, 76 per cent of employees reported feeling happier and half felt healthier. Here, Rick Jacobs, managing director of CBRE Global Workplace Solutions, will us through through the project.

Another exemplar is Cundall’s London office at One Carter Lane, the first building in Europe to achieve the WELL Building Standard – and only the seventh in the world to go through the process. Achieving the standard isn’t always about extra cost, it’s just thinking about the space in a different way, explains Alan Fogarty of Cundall in his presentation.

‘Active wear’ fashion brand Gymshark, by contrast, features human centric smart lighting in its new HQ in Birmingham. Katie Watkinson, special projects manager at Gymshark will explain the concept, the execution and the results in terms of employee wellbeing.

Sensors and devices in a digital office such as occupancy detectors, beacons and low-resolution cameras generate and interact with data which is now subject to GDPR legislation. In a special debate, a panel of experts will explore what will the impact will be on the nascent digital workplace. Joining the panel are Akshay Thakur, director, JLL; Simon Coombes, chief technology officer, Gooee; Dr Willhelm Nehring, Global CEO, Osram DS; David Mudd, global digital & connected product certification director, BSI and Jeremy Turner, director of FAB Controls.


  • Property Technology Live is free for developers, commercial tenants, consulting engineers, technologists, designers and contractors working in the property sector. To view the full programme and register, click HERE.