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‘Dawn of the disruptors’ at LuxLive

The lighting industry, already convulsed by the tiny LED, is being assaulted by a new generation of companies who don’t play by the rules.

UBER OWNS no vehicles; AirBnB no rooms; Facebook no content but they’ve all managed to disrupt their respective industries, sending established players into a tailspin.

Likewise, the lighting industry, already convulsed by the tiny LED, is being assaulted by a new generation of companies who don’t play by the rules.

These upstart start-ups are on a mission to take customers off traditional brands with unique business models, compelling service offers and inventive technologies.

They are the disruptors of our age and in recent years, they’ve made the lighting industry their playground.

This year’s LuxLive 2018 is when many will truly announce their arrival and lay out their challenges to the big boys.

Igor, for instance, is changing the way we wire up LED lighting. The US tech firm will use the show to unveil its easy-to-use power-over-Ethernet kit, which allows you to use Cat cables instead of the conventional twin-and-earth to energise and control your LED lights.

Bluetooth, meanwhile, is set to shake up the lighting control sector with its new mesh standard, which is aiming to kill the customary box-in-the-cupboard approach.

Alongside them is Silvair, who will be discussing its special firmware, which lighting manufacturers can use to integrate  Bluetooth mesh into their luminaires.

PureLifi, by contrast, says its tech will allow us to use visible light from LED luminaires to access the internet. The so-called ‘Godfather of Li-Fi’, Harald Haas, will explore the innovation in the Property Technology Live conference at the show.

Gooee, who pioneered internet-connected lighting by providing a high tech tool box which can turn fixtures into smart sensors, will be on hand to explain their vision of the future.

WeWork, disruptor of the office rental market with youth-orientated workspaces with funky interiors and funkier lighting, will reveal its distinct approach in two presentations by its head of lighting, Star Davis.

Coelux, inventors of the artificial skylight which caused a sensation in the industry with its uncannily natural-looking light, will unveil the LS Matte, a commercial version designed for applications in offices, hospitals, retail and hospitality.

EnOcean will display its extraordinary alternative to the light switch – a wireless, Bluetooth-connected unit which requires no battery.

Lightly will be exhibiting its unique alternative to flat-panel LEDs and OLEDs: the 3.2mm thick Hikari SQ.

Meanwhile, the emergency lighting sector is being targeted for disruption by LuxBox with its Swiss-made components, full integration and five-year warranty.

These are just some of the companies unveiling disruptive innovations at LuxLive; there are 200 big brand exhibitors exhibitors showcasing a huge range of advanced fixtures and controls.


  • The LuxLive 2018 exhibition takes place on Wednesday 14 November and Thursday 15 November  2018 at ExCeL London. The show includes no fewer than eight conference tracks. See the full programme and exhibitor list, and register for free, HERE.