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How to Light: What is intra-luminaire DALI?

This question has been answered by Dr Scott Wade, technical and certification manager, Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA).

Intra-luminaire DALI refers to a self-contained DALI lighting-control system within a single luminaire. In this case, the DALI bus connects DALI devices such as LED drivers, sensors and application controllers that are located in the same luminaire. A more traditional use of DALI is to connect a series of separate luminaires on a DALI wiring bus (this is inter-luminaire DALI).

An example of intra-luminaire DALI is an outdoor lighting fixture that incorporates a DALI-based control device, such as a light-level sensor or a wireless communication node. Such control devices can send DALI commands to the LED driver inside the luminaire via the internal DALI bus.

Furthermore, smart LED drivers are now able to report operational and diagnostic data, as well as asset-tracking information about the luminaire itself, in a standardised format according to new DALI specifications written by DiiA.

If the luminaire has a wireless communication node, it can interact with a remote lighting control network. Other DALI specifications from DiiA take care of the power supply requirements for the DALI control device(s).

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