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Lightly Technologies at LuxLive 2018

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With almost 200 companies exhibiting at this year’s LuxLive, don’t miss a visit to our stand to check out our Hikari SQ technology.



Hikari SQ: the ultra-thin LED light source

Hikari SQ from Lightly Technologies emits a uniform surface of high-quality (CRI 90), low-glare light with an output of up to 400 lm. It requires no additional heat sink or optics and is fully controllable using standard LED drivers. Hikari SQ delivers maximum creative freedom without compromise, for a new generation of decorative and architectural lighting design.

“Hikari SQ will dramatically disrupt the ultra-thin lighting market. It is superior in every metric from light output and efficiency to lifetime and cost.”


How does Hikari SQ work?

At just 3.2mm thin, Hikari SQ is an advanced, miniaturised form of edge-lighting technology. It uses a light guide plate and a unique combination of optical films to maximise light output and uniformity as well as controlling the beam angle. It outperforms existing ultra-thin technology in every metric, including light output, efficacy, lifetime, beam control, uniformity, colour stability, thermal management, bezel width, thickness and module robustness, while ensuring wide compatibility with existing LED drivers and controls to ensure Dali dimming. Most importantly, Hikari SQ delivers up to 400 lm of low-glare, CRI 90 light, making it as functional as it is elegant.


What problem does Hikari SQ solve?

While Oled technology is becoming more synonymous with high-end television screens than with lighting, it did pioneer ultra-thin luminaire design. Oled is an incredible feat of engineering in itself, but the complexities associated with its design resulted in the stagnation of its development – and the prohibitive costs of manufacture and poor lighting performance have not been overcome. In response, Hikari SQ is the ultra-thin light source that does not compromise on performance or affordability. It is a versatile, high-performance alternative to existing ultra-thin lighting technology, but with the superior performance and manufacturing characteristics of LED technology.

“Our value is in the unique lighting designs that our ultra-thin technology makes possible without compromising on performance.”

Who is Hikari SQ for?

The ultra-thin form factor and high-end performance makes it extremely versatile. Its size allows for easy integration into architectural lighting designs, or it can be treated as a design feature in itself in statement chandeliers and modern decorative lighting designs. Other applications for Hikari SQ include interior and exterior vehicle lighting, under-shelf lighting, retail displays and vertical farming.

“Our ultra-thin LED light source enables luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers to create exceptional experiences with light.”

What does the future hold for Hikari SQ?

The core technology architecture of Hikari SQ can be scaled to different sizes and forms. Plans for 2019 include circular and linear versions, followed by dynamic white and RGB colour-changing versions in late 2019. We are also experimenting with new optical films to create narrower beam angles, batwing asymmetric beams and beam turning optics.

“We’re taking the lighting industry in a new direction.”

Who are Lightly Technologies?

Lightly Technologies was formed in January 2016 as a reaction to the unfulfilled promise of Oled lighting technology. Founders Matt Hanbury and Brian Charman met while working at Philips Lighting, Matt in Oled engineering and Brian in sales and marketing. Hanbury subsequently went on to work for Apple in Japan, where he applied his knowledge of lighting to help develop new displays for the iPhone 6S. By combining his extensive insights into both lighting and smartphone engineering, Hanbury created Hikari SQ – the ultra-thin light source with the superior performance and manufacturing characteristics of LED technology.


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