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How to Light: Can I expand an existing PoE lighting installation?

This question was answered by the Dwight Stewart, CTO and founder of Igor.

The benefit of Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations is that they use a structured cabled background to maximise the functionality of the building’s smart systems, in terms of reliability, scalability, security, and flexibility. Advanced PoE software companies can provide the ability to also connect wireless devices, Bluetooth sensors, and manage traditional building systems such as HVAC, air monitoring sensors, security, and so on.

To ensure future flexibility, you have to look to your existing installation. Systems that are not flexible can cause additional headaches down the road as they will constantly require new hardware to hold the system together.

For example, with a framework such as that provided by Igor, most future integrations will simply require a software and/or firmware update. We like to make sure most of the innovation occurs at the software level so that we can push out a software update without requiring you to get new hardware.

If you have existing technology (whether PoE or not) then any system expansion must integrate fully for a true platform solution. This means that the original solution needed to have the capability to be built upon. At Igor, we have built our platform so that, when a client requires a new compatibility, we can easily and rapidly build different integrations which will layer on top of the existing capabilities.

Our software integrates with all sorts of IoT protocols such as Bluetooth and Zigbee, and building automation systems such as BACnet. Ask your potential providers what their process for creating new integrations is like and the expected time it will take to make updates to your system.

At Igor, we have designed an easy-to-use PoE smart building platform, Nexos, that includes a tightly integrated intelligent lighting system. It has been designed to work smoothly from the hardware, software, and cloud applications to enable a truly smart IoT building for its users that breaks down data silos. With Nexos, the benefits are many:

• Incorporate your smart building needs under one software system for ease of use.

• Add on Wireless or Bluetooth sensors and devices to your PoE system for maximum flexibility.

• Benefit from intelligent lighting controls and a centralised PoE emergency lighting system.

• Add third-party smart building applications to achieve goals regarding people counting, conference room scheduling, water leak detection, air quality monitoring, daylight harvesting, security systems, and much more.

• Know that you have the foundation in your building to adapt and change to future building needs.


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