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How to Light: Can SME lighting companies become smart and affordable?

This question has been answered by the product team at Aurora Lighting.

For most SMEs, the shift from conventional to ‘smart’ lighting control appears daunting and possibly unachievable. How can the SME company engage with the world of ‘smart’ without breaking the bank?

The important thing to understand is that it’s not necessary to redesign lighting schemes and layouts with costly rewiring in order to accommodate smart control.

The new Enlite catalogue – Trade Edition 2, Smart Connected Solutions – provides details of its comprehensive commercial range, from high bays and commercial downlights to linears and battens. The installation of these solutions offers excellent savings and a fast ROI.

We’re used to the idea of having electronics separate to the fixture itself as many LED fixtures already require external drivers, and those drivers are available in a number of formats: switch only, main dimming, Dali, DMX and so on. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that to implement lighting control and achieve further cost and energy savings as well as increase security in commercial environments, one of the best solutions is to add smart technology.

So what are the options?

Let’s say the customer has recently installed a new lighting design, but has heard of smart control and wants this feature added. You need a retrofit solution that is simple, quick and inexpensive.

Aurora’s Make Smart with AOne Control system is affordable and easy to implement, enabling fast installations that are considerably simpler than many of the current complex dimming systems used. All that is required to make a non-smart luminaire smart is Aurora’s Gooee Smart Space hub, and either an AOne Control inline dimmer or an AOne Control on/off relay. To create a smart space or room, it takes a matter of minutes to link the room’s circuits into the dimmer, which just needs to be wired in between the first fixture and switch.

Aurora’s Smart Inside products, the mPro ZX, GU10 lamps, sensors, kinetic smart switch and sockets wirelessly pair with the Aurora Gooee Smart Space hub via the Zigbee protocol to form a mesh network. This is ideal for new lighting design solutions where it is possible to control connected devices individually as well as in a group. This extensive, innovative range from Aurora offers numerous options for the creation of smart home, hospitality, retail and light commercial schemes. All devices can then be controlled via the AOne app.

Regardless of which method you adopt, your customer will have smart lighting that is controllable through a free mobile app, and remote or wireless switches. These are the most simple, smart and cost-effective solutions available today.

However you choose to make use of your smart control, you don’t need to worry about where the lighting comes from.

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