Simple, secure remote management with Pharos Cloud

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Intelligent lighting systems are installed all over the world in increasing numbers, with spectacular results. But once an installation is up and running and the technicians, programmers and integrators have left, it can be difficult to make changes to the programming. Or if something goes wrong, sending a technician to the site can have huge time, financial and environmental costs.

Some remote management functionality is typically available on all control systems, but getting access beyond the local network is far from simple, often requiring additional skills or hardware with potential security risks if the network is not configured correctly.

Pharos solves this problem with the launch of Pharos Cloud – providing easy, secure, remote access 24/7 to Pharos lighting controllers from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

Pharos offers control systems to suit any lighting design, from simple to complex, a few fixtures up to an entire city, coloured dynamic pixels or high-quality white light, human-centric to video mapping. Pharos products are installed across the world, running day and night in international landmarks, theme parks, shopping malls, stadiums, art installations, museums and airports.

Set up of Pharos Cloud is simple. Controllers are plugged into the internet and create a two-way connection to the Pharos Cloud servers. These connections use the latest encryption technologies – similar to online banking – for complete peace of mind. Any internet connection can be used, and Cloud can work from behind firewalls without any special network configuration. Bandwidth requirements are minimal, meaning cellular connections can be used for sites without wired internet access.

Once connected, users can access controllers via the Pharos Cloud website, from any internet-connected device, including phones and tablets. They can assign controllers to a project, set access levels for multiple users, view controller status, fire triggers, upload new programming, and update settings and firmware. And because all of this information is stored in the Pharos Cloud servers, problems can be diagnosed even if the controllers are offline.

Pharos product manager, Richard Leivers, comments: ‘We’re really excited about what Pharos Cloud means for our partners, customers and users. Imagine the building owner, who wants to change their façade colour to celebrate the local team winning the cup final. That can be done instantly by their designer, without waiting for them to get to site. Or imagine an installer wanting to offer compelling service contracts to their clients. They can now slash costs, knowing that most problems can be diagnosed without leaving their desks.

‘And this is just the beginning. Like all Pharos products, we will continue to develop new features that add real value. Now that controllers have an easy, secure way of accessing the internet, the possibilities for exciting new features are endless.’

Pharos Cloud, which has been built on a platform supplied by Pharos partner SixEye, will be launching at LuxLive 2018, with the first sites going live later in the year. Visit Pharos at booth C27 for a demonstration, or go to pharoscontrols.com/cloud for more information.