Lux video special: How NOT to sell an LED lighting panel

This year’s stars of the annual Lux video are Lux applications editor John Bullock and exhibitions professional and actress Vicky Ogden.

COMBINE a slow day in the office, a unwatched camcorder and a mischievous mood among Team Lux and you get an irreverent video about the lighting industry.

This time the target is the tide of substandard and uncertified LED panels on the market. ‘We’ve become alarmed at the quality of many modular luminaires being sold,’ says Ray Molony of Lux. ‘So what better way to highlight the issue than donning a cheap wig and getting in front of a video camera?’

The script – such as it is – is by John Camm, and behind the camera is Richard Simmonds. Producer is Charlie Ward, tea boy is Ray Molony and groupie is Gordon Routledge. The video was first shown at the Lux Awards 2018 presentation ceremony in London.




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