Product Reviews

Value Proposition: Ligman – bringing light to site

For most specifiers, the deciding factors on whether to use company A or company B will be based on product performance, appearance and cost. Little thought is given to what happens next – the journey from the order book to the site gates.

In its mission statement, Ligman says its aim is ‘to deliver our products on time’. But behind that simple statement lies a company’s decision to control every aspect of its product production, ensuring that not only will it deliver ‘on time’, it will also deliver more quickly.

Control over product content

All of the components that go into Ligman luminaires come from leading manufacturers, all with appropriate national and international quality marks.

Using high-quality LED chips and electronic components, Ligman builds its own LED engines and circuit boards using its automated SMT (surface-mount technology) production line.

One hundred per cent of the product body castings are also fabricated by Ligman, which designs and tools its own dies and undertakes the die-casting itself, using the best alloys and with no reliance on outside subcontractors.

Control over product performance

The complete R&D, prototyping and production of luminaire ranges takes place within the Ligman facilities, again with no outsourcing to third-party companies.

Optical systems are also designed and built in-house, ensuring full integration with luminaire housings from initial sketch to final build.

New Ligman flagship store in Bangkok

Control over quality

Ligman has a sustainable approach to product design. Form factors are designed to use only what material is needed, with longevity of product an important aspect for the product-in-use.

A dedicated Ligman facility includes full testing facilities, enabling all product lines to be fully tested for compliance with international standards.

Bespoke design

Putting all these factors together means that Ligman can operate a lean manufacturing process that sees luminaires available for delivery to site quickly from receipt of order. This is of particular importance with bespoke design. Bespoke design is sometimes a way of saying ‘late design’, coming from a stage of the project development when design decisions arise from circumstances on site, rather than from the more comfortable situation of the collegiate project design process. Decisions are needed quickly, and the selected manufacturer needs to be able to guarantee delivery sometimes within days of an order being placed.

Ligman is proud of its ability to turn around bespoke designs quickly and efficiently. As the company says: ‘We aim to be a cutting-edge company in the manufacture of high-quality outdoor lighting products.’ This is one way of going about that.