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5 tech tricks which make this the ultimate spotlight

Formalighting has managed to bundle no fewer than five of the most futuristic technologies into the Motolux fitting.

WHAT’S BEING dubbed the most advanced spotlight ever has been unveiled by formalighting.

The Anglo-Italian company has managed to bundle no fewer than five of the most futuristic technologies into the Motolux fitting.

These include:

  • Dynamic beam shaping technology from LensVector which enables solid-state variable beam control from a 10-degree narrow spot angle to a wide 50-degree flood.
  • Fully motorised operation which allows the unit to pan and tilt to direct its beam anywhere in a space
  • Casambi Bluetooth Low Energy platform which allows wireless control of the unit using just a smartphone
  • Dim to warm techology which changes colour temperature during dimming to mimic the black body curve
  • Programmable colour temperature means fittings can change from cool CCT at say, lunchtime in a restaurant, to warm for evening dinners

Other versions include tuneable white from 1800K to 6500K with  a colour rendering of 90 CRI and units with the Lumenetix full spectrum LED engines.

‘We believe in using the most exciting new technologies to address the design challenges faced by lighting professionals,’ formalighting’s general manager Michael Monsonego told Lux.

He described it as ‘the world’s first motorised luminaire with LensVector’s Dynamic Beam Shaping and Casambi’s smart wireless control technology’.

He confirmed that the Motolux has been entered into the prestigious Lighting Design Awards and Monsonego is hopeful that it will impress the judges.

‘For the first time, lighting designers and electrical consultants can effortlessly add lighting effects to projects.

‘The integrated technology within the motorised luminaires offers smart control over the beam angle, movements of the fixture, as well as the intensity and the white colour tuning of the light’. 

Brent York, president and CEO of LensVector, told Lux: ‘The marriage of great design and technology allows Motolux users to precisely control the beam of light in a simple and convenient manner via Bluetooth app on their smartphone.

‘We’re excited to see how the LensVector technology is being applied to add value to LED luminaires.’


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