Lighting Education Trust restructures

The LET has taken over the administration of the LET Diploma course, which has since been delivered 'in association' with London South Bank University

The Lighting Education Trust has reformed its original constitution from being a Charitable Trust to convert into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

The development of LET, now in its 24th year, has embraced activities that were never envisaged at the time it was founded, so the trustees, following legal advice, decided that a review of its constitution was necessary.

From 1995 until 2011, the primary work of the Lighting Education Trust was, through funds raised from generous sponsorship within the lighting industry, giving grant support to the MSc Light and Lighting at Bartlett UCL, supporting and advising on courses at other establishments and collaborating with London South Bank University for the delivery of the LET Diploma in Lighting.

There was a major change of circumstances in 2011 through London South Bank University (LSBU) withdrawing from administering the LET Diploma, while wishing to continue its collaboration. Discussions with the Trustees and LSBU led to LET formally yet seamlessly taking over the administration of the course, which has since been delivered ‘in association’ with LSBU.

Among a number of matters requiring revision was that becoming a ‘provider’ was not a specific power listed in the original Deed of Trust from 1995. The legal advice from a solicitor specialising in charities was that, although it was within the powers of the Trustees to update the Constitution and register the variations with the Charity Commission, more prudent was to go beyond immediate remedial changes and to “future proof” LET by converting to a CIO.

On completion of the revision, an application to the Charity Commission was granted for the formation of the CIO, which has been actioned with effect from 1 January.

Throughout this process, CIBSE has given invaluable support and continues to do so with a representative trustee as well as undertaking bookkeeping and accounting on behalf of the charity.