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Sugg brand set to live on after asset sale

Sugg Lighting lanterns outside the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London’s King’s Cross. The sale of the firm’s assets including its brand mean that its venerable name looks set to continue in some form in the lighting industry

THE VENERABLE Sugg Lighting brand looks set to continue in some form in the lighting industry following a sale of the company’s assets today.

The brand name, tooling, designs and some other assets have been sold to an investor for an undisclosed sum.

The Sugg brand name, top, and much of its assets – but not its premises in Horsham, Sussex, above – have been purchased by an investor for an undisclosed sum. The move raises the prospect that the brand will not disappear from the industry.

Sugg Lighting Limited ceased trading on 8 January and all staff were made redundant.

In a statement, adminstrators Ensors said: ‘Following a period of administration, Sugg Lighting Limited ceased to trade, but administrators are pleased to announce a sale of the business assets’.

In a separate development, a new company – called Westminster Heritage Lighting – has been created with the aim of preserving some of the skills and expertise of Sugg Lighting Limited. It’s headed up by former general manager Mark Jones and former national sales manager Nigel Rutherford.

Today’s developments will help allay concern which had been mounting among custodians of heritage estates and lighting designers that the unique skills required for traditional gas and electric lighting could disappear in the lighting industry. 

Sugg Lighting Limited – founded in 1837 – was the UK’s oldest lighting company and was world famous for its traditional hand-crafted street lights and its expertise in gas lighting. 

Its stately luminaires adorn royal palaces, government buildings and parks around the world.

Its gas lights have been illuminating the entrance to Buckingham Palace since 1901.