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How to Light: Can existing light fixtures be adapted to use Bluetooth mesh networking?

This question was answered by the technical team at Silvair.

The short answer is Yes, and it is easy to do. What’s more, you don’t need to change the existing supply cabling. You just make a small modification to the luminaire’s internal wiring. This means the upgrade can be carried out with little or no office downtime.

This diagram shows a luminaire with an installed fixture controller (marked in blue). The controller is equipped with a sensor input port and a driver output port. The green lines represent local wired connections between luminaire components. The blue lines represent wireless communication between the nodes of a Bluetooth mesh lighting network.

Bluetooth mesh connectivity can be added to existing dimmable light fixtures by installing a dedicated piece of equipment – a fixture controller, that also happens to be called a Bluetooth mesh bridge. It can be installed either inside or outside a fixture that you want to become part of a wireless lighting control system.

This fixture controller is a simple, easy-to-install component, measuring just a few centimetres, that contains a system-on-chip with mesh lighting firmware. Equipped with a sensor input port and a driver output port, the controller converts Bluetooth mesh commands to a 0-10V or DALI output, thus enabling rapid retrofit of existing LED systems into Bluetooth mesh lighting networks.

Fixture controllers can also provide additional capabilities, e.g. power metering. Such devices are already available on the market. For an up-to-date list of the qualified, interoperable Bluetooth mesh lighting and sensing components, visit the official website of the Bluetooth SIG. The listing can be found under the following address:

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