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Aberdeen to get IoT street lighting

Aberdeen City Council has given the green light to the installation of over 3,500 lighting controllers along with a corresponding LoRaWAN network Pic: Alan Jamieson

THE SCOTTISH city of Aberdeen is to get internet-connected street lighting using the latest LoRaWAN technology.

The city council has given the green light to the installation of over 3,500 lighting controllers along with a corresponding LoRaWAN network and lighting Central Management System (CMS).

The intelligent street lighting solution will enable the council to make additional savings on their annual street lighting energy consumption and costs whilst also delivering operational and maintenance efficiencies.

The solution is a ‘quick to install’ system that gives the council control of their street lighting network. It will allow them to intelligently control, dim and monitor light levels via a secure cloud-based CMS.

The solution will enable Aberdeen City Council to cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and by using detailed operational intelligence to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.

Aberdeen has invested in a £10 million eight-year rolling program of replacing the old inefficient street lighting with more efficient and cost-effective LED lighting.

Aberdeen City Council Energy costs for street lighting as of December 2015 were £2 million annually. This has been estimated to fall to £760,000 per year after all of the street lighting has been replaced with LED lanterns.

This project delivers over 60 per cent reduction in street lighting electricity bills after completion of the LED replacement project.

Welsh technology firm Pinacl is collaborating with controls specialist Lucy Zodion to deliver the ambitious project.

This collaboration combines Pinacl’s expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) with Lucy Zodion’s knowledge in intelligent street lighting.

The LoRaWAN-enabled ecosystem will help the local authority control and monitor its entire system remotely and more intuitively, resulting in reduced power consumption delivering additional energy savings of up to 30 per cent on top of those achieved from an LED replacement program. It also allows granular lighting control, allowing city managers to respond to specific events taking place within the lighting scheme to meet performance requirements and improve safety.

The lighting controller fits to existing standard NEMA 5/7 pin socket on top of both legacy and new LED lighting heads allowing support for Dali and 1-10V drivers.

‘The new city-wide IoT network provides a third layer of connectivity that will allow Aberdeen City council to efficiently deploy a variety of Smart City Solutions across the city’, Alasdair Rettie, technical director at Pinacl, told Lux.

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