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How to Light: How can you guarantee security with Bluetooth mesh?

This question was answered by the technical team at Silvair.

Bluetooth mesh was developed with security as its number one priority. In addition to advanced encryption and authentication measures, it includes multiple security features designed to prevent specific threats and address the needs of professional lighting applications.

These include secure device provisioning, separation of concerns, area isolation, key refresh procedure, and many others.

For detailed information about its security fundamentals and the features mentioned above, take a look at the Bluetooth mesh security overview which is available on the website of the Bluetooth SIG.

What is particularly important, is that security in Bluetooth mesh networking is mandatory. Component manufacturers are obliged to introduce the security measures mentioned above, so it is practically impossible to set up an insecure Bluetooth mesh network.

As far as the security architecture of Bluetooth mesh is concerned, there are no known security vulnerabilities. This has been confirmed by several scientific papers published by independent researchers. The fact that Bluetooth mesh is a global and open standard makes it even more secure for end users.
The transparency of open standards guarantees that any potential vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed before someone decides to exploit them. In the case of proprietary technologies, it’s basically impossible to state whether one or another solution is secure. At most, it can be stated that it hasn’t been broken so far.

Only open standards receive the scrutiny and attention that is necessary for true security.


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