Powerlite buys Fitzgerald Lighting

Some 52 employees work at Fitzgerald Lighting’s 3,500 square metre factory in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Troubled commercial luminaire manufacturer Fitzgerald Lighting has been bought from administration for an undisclosed sum by Powerlite.

Fitzgerald Lighting’s Universal Celestial luminaires installed at the offices of Partech Instruments

The new combined enterprise will be known as Powerlite Fitzgerald.

In a statement, Powerlite said: ‘Fitzgerald have been struggling for some time and now with a clean sheet we are aiming to bring them back to the forefront of luminiaire manufacture in the UK’. 

Both production facilities – Powerlite’s in Keighley, West Yorkshire and Fitzgerald Lighting’s factory in Bodmin, Cornwall – will continue under the arrangement.

Production is expected resume in Bodmin next week and the company is already delivering small quantities of products to Fitzgerald customers.

‘Fitzgerald have a fantastic history of manufacturing and we intend to harness this skill base to rejuvenate the brand once more.

‘The merger of both companies will become a major force in the UK lighting industry, as we are committed to investment in the UK manufacture of quality lighting products.

‘The company will continue to support all Fitzgerald’s products in the marketplace with the warranties they were originally supplied with’.

’The joining of Powerlite and Fitzgerald will strengthen our product range and service we can offer our customers’ said Nick Robinson, managing director of Powerlite. ‘With our expertise in the lighting industry, the acquisition of Fitzgerald supports the Powerlite strategy to lead the market and meet the future requirements for a single provider to manage all lighting requirements.

‘This acquistion provides a major growth opportunity for both our businesses through an extended service offering for our clients”.

Powerlite is an independent lighting company manufacturing products for the architectural, commercial, industrial and exterior lighting sectors.

Fitzgerald – a popular and high-profile brand in the UK – went into administration last week after a difficult start to the year which saw the company make a net loss of £68,000 on a turnover of £856,000 in the first quarter.

Some 52 employees work at the 3,500 square metre factory in Bodmin, Cornwall which makes products for the healthcare, leisure, education, prisons and general municipal buildings.

It’s believed Fitzgerald was facing intense pressure from falling luminaire prices, driven mainly by low-cost Chinese imports.