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Japan switches on LEDs for the Rugby World Cup

Philips ArenaVision luminaires have been installed and will be controlled by Signify’s Interact Sports connected lighting systemat the Kobe Misaki stadium in Japan.

NEW LED lighting has been unveiled at the Kobe Misaki stadium for the world’s biggest rugby tournament in Japan.

By marching across the playing field and taking a range of measurements –  including beam direction, horizontal illuminance, colour temperature and colour rendering – robots helped lighting engineers configure the light distribution characteristics of the LED luminaires at the stadium.

Philips ArenaVision luminaires have been installed and will be  controlled by Signify’s Interact Sports connected lighting system, creating spectacular light shows and allowing for the programming of multiple light scenes to adjust lighting standards to the different sports that are played in the stadium.

The LED lighting system in the 30,132 seats stadium was commissioned via an innovative method using robotic measurement and includes video aiming and laser scan.

The stadium, now in use during the world’s biggest rugby tournament, is also the venue for the premier Japanese professional football league.

A total of 404 Philips ArenaVision LEDs were installed. The multiple light scenes in the Interact Sports system can be played back to meet different lighting standards that are required by rugby as well as football associations.

It creates new fan experiences before, during and after the match, which wouldn’t have been possible with traditional lighting technology.

The energy-efficient LED lighting also uses less electricity compared to conventional lighting, saving 45 per cent in electricity costs.

‘We’re very proud to light up Kobe Misaki stadium for the world’s biggest rugby tournament held in Japan,’ said Thierry Jean Baptiste Chapiteau, global sub segment manager sports and arenas at Signify. ‘The players get perfect lighting on the field and the legion of rugby fans around the world, watching a match on TV, can see every detail in the highest definition. Fans in the stadium can enjoy light shows adding to the incredible atmosphere.’
By introducing Signify’s robotic measurement method, laser scanning and a video aiming system, the installation time was drastically shortened, and accuracy and quality were improved.

The whole process from dismantling the HID luminaires to the installation of the upgraded LED system was completed in only 65 days. In addition, higher protection to the grass pitch was guaranteed during installation due to the robotic measurement..

Besides Kobe Misaki stadium, Signify is also responsible for the lighting of Aichi’s Toyota stadium where another four matches of the rugby tournament will be played.

Toyota stadium and Kobe stadium are the first two outdoor stadiums in Japan using robotics to install the connected lighting system, Interact Sports, in combination with high performance Philips ArenaVision LEDs.


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