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Wireless lighting to be key theme of LuxLive

Wireless lighting control can turn every luminaire or sensor in a building or a campus into an information source that can deliver status information such as energy usage and motion sensor information. This data can then be stored in the cloud can be analysed for actionable insights.

THE LATEST technology, standards and protocols for wireless lighting control and IoT connected lighting are set to dominate the conversation at next week’s LuxLive 2019 exhibition as major end users, manufacturers, consultants and designers gather in London.

Drug giant Roche is trialling Signify LED connected lighting and IoT sensors at its office in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany.

Big brands in the sector include Bluetooth, Signify, Osram, EnOcean, Enlighted, Gooee, Thorlux, Itron, Nedap, BEG and Rako and all will be at LuxLive.

In the main arena, LuxLive headline sponsor will be discussing its disrupting mesh technology, which can turn lighting into a digital backbone – an ‘Internet of Things’ platform for new services and tasks.

As it’s a mesh topology, enabled luminaires relay messages from device to device at the speed of sound. As well as covering large buildings, the technology could cover collections of buildings such as university campuses.

There’s no central point to fail, and robust ‘multi-casting’ of the ultra short messages with a fast data transfer rate means high reliability.

Expert Martin Woolley of Bluetooth SIG will discuss agreed standards versus proprietary protocols at the arena on Thursday14 November 2019 at  3:30pm.

Nedap will be demonstrating its wireless lighting platform, Luxon, which designed to allow LED lighting to run more efficiently. It provides full transparency about all key performance indicators in real time.

Luxon, which works with all lighting brands, maximises energy savings by using motion, daylight and time control.

Every luminaire or sensor is a source that delivers lighting system status info, such as energy usage and motion sensor information. This data is stored in the cloud can be analysed for actionable insights.

Enlighted will show its IoT platform transforms lighting into a building’s IoT network.

Lights are ideal carriers for IoT sensors, providing position, power and density for granular data capture. Its sensors intelligently control the lights, and collect multiple data streams 65 times per second.

Each sensor communicates wirelessly to a network, and data is stored and analysed in the cloud. It makes each light individually intelligent and produces energy savings that can pay for the whole installation.

On stand H16, Chess Wise will demonstrate Mymesh, the company’s unique network protocol which connects, manages and controls thousands of light fittings and other devices such as sensors simultaneously.

Mymesh is open to any OEM developer to improve their products or add them to the Mymesh eco-system.

Mymesh comes in the form of a small device such as a controller or driver that directly connects to a LED light. Once the device has power, it automatically joins its neighbours in a reliable, robust and scalable Mesh network.

Finally, a presentation not to miss is Signify’s Peter Duine, who will discuss the company’s SR Programme which aims to accelerate smart lighting on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at 12.30pm.


  • The LuxLive 2019 exhibition takes place on Wednesday 13 November and Thursday 14 November 2019 at London ExCeL. Entry is free. See the full programme of events and register for free HERE.