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Lux Awards 2019: Winners announced!

Host Hal Cruttenden entertains the audience of lighting professionals and major clients at the black-tie Lux Awards presentation ceremony at the London Hilton Park Lane.


The best lighting products, projects and companies leading innovation were recognised at the 2019 Lux Awards in London last night.

The Awards were presented in front of senior lighting professionals, specifiers and major clients at a gala event at the London Hilton Park Lane on the final night of the LuxLive 2019 exhibition.

From over 200 nominations, the judges drew up the initial shortlists, tested products and visited projects the length and breadth of the UK to see them in action for themselves.


Retail Lighting Project of the Year

In association with OSRAM

Winner: Flannels, Newcastle – Fagerhult Lighting

In collaboration with design agency Argent, Fagerhult delivered a bold lighting concept for the new Flannels store in Newcastle that enhanced the overall customer experience, provided more control of the lighting environment and highlighted the store’s luxury merchandise on display.

Using Touch Mini Track spotlights with a narrow beam and cap cones, the design team created a dramatic contrast that places the products centre stage and complements the luxurious look and feel of the brand. The main walkway is fitted with 100 lengths of RGBW LED fixtures that can be adjusted via Fagerhult’s Casambi Bluetooth smartphone app.

Project Credits

  • Designers: Fagerhult Lighting, Argent
  • Other associates:EB Design International
  • Lighting equipment: Fagerhult’s Touch Mini Track spotlights, Casambi and Helvar lighting controls, ateljé Lyktan Blaze spotlights. Various bespoke LED solutions from Light Box and Linear LED

Highly Commended:  Wartski, London – Illuminationworks
Shortlisted: Stella McCartney Flagship Store, London – PJC Light Studio
Shortlisted: Meadowhall Refurbishment, Sheffield – BDP


Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the Year

In association with Lumicom

Winner: The Elizabeth Line – FUTURE Designs

The Elizabeth Line, the trans-London rail project formerly known as Crossrail, is due to open in 2021. For the passenger walkways, FUTURE Designs designed and manufactured the key IKON luminaire for lighting the station concourse areas. The 850W uplighter sits on top of wayfinding totems and produces 58,000 lumens. The high wattage of IKON generates an enormous amount of heat which has to be dissipated, and the most critical area of the design was calculating the precise dimensions and area of the bespoke heatsink to ensure we draw heat away from the LED.

Project Credits

  • Supplier: FUTURE Designs
  • Design team: Atkins, Grimshaw, Maynard and GIA Equation
  • Photos: Crossrail

Highly Commended: Kawasaki Precision Machinery, Plymouth – Maser Lighting
Shortlisted: London Bridge Station Redevelopment, London – WSP


Hospitality, Leisure and Faith Project of the Year

In association with Signify

Winner: Nevill Holt Opera, Leicestershire – Max Fordham

Nevill Holt Opera, host to a summer opera programme, is a small 400-seat opera house in the courtyard of a 17th century stable. The approach of Max Fordham was to create special fittings and test them at every stage of the design development and manufacture. The idea was to elevate the space from its humble surroundings into somewhere glamorous enough to host a grand opera. The practice made many models to understand the lit effect on the materials at hand. The final results provide a warm and inviting auditorium where the humble history of the building is on clear display.

Project Credits

  • Designers: Nick Cramp, Max Fordham LLP, Caroline Webb, Max Fordham LLP
  • Architects: Witherford Watson Mann
  • Theatre and Acoustic Consultants: Sound Space Vision
  • Structural Engineers: Price & Myers
  • Services Engineers: Max Fordham
  • Cost Consultants: Gleeds
  • Conservation Architects: Julian Harrap Architects
  • Lighting equipment: GDS arc lamps in bespoke fixtures made by Gravel Hill lighting. Bespoke pendants and chandeliers made by Santa and Cole. Mike Stoane handrail lighting, Zumtobel emergency lights.
  • Control: ETC Paradigm system and desk
  • Photo: Helene Binet

Highly Commended:  Aberdeen Music Hall, Scotland – BDP
Highly Commended: Paul Edmonds, London – Illuminationworks
Shortlisted: Illuminate, London – Sutton Vane Associates
Shortlisted: Great Scotland Yard Hotel, London – TheisCraft
Shortlisted: Kym’s, London – Into Lighting


Office, Education and Healthcare Lighting
Project of the Year

In association with Seoul Semicon

Winner: University College London Student Centre – BDP

The new Student Centre in the heart of Bloomsbury is rated Breeam Outstanding, with an estimated 35 per cent annual carbon dioxide reduction. The lighting scheme for the 5,300 square-metre building demonstrates exemplary sustainability credentials. Photocells on the roof are linked to the lighting control system to make use of available natural light. Presence and absence detection is employed in all individual rooms to prevent the waste of energy. Automatic scene setting scrolls through several scenarios throughout the day and into the evening so that the building has a dynamic lit effect, appropriate for the time of day and season.

Project Credits

  • Designers: Colin Ball, BDP; Lora Kaleva, BDP
  • ​Architect: Nicholas Hare
  • Building Services Engineering and Acoustics: BDP
  • Structural engineer: Curtins
  • Fire engineer: Arup
  • Project management: Arcadis
  • Cost planning: AECOM
  • Sustainability: Useful Simple Trust
  • Landscape architect: Colour UDL
  • Planning consultant: Deloitte Real Estate
  • Contractor: Mace
  • M&E Subcontractor: Derry Building Services
  • Lighting equipment:  Ridi,  Led Linear, iGuzzini, Ecosense, Aktiva, Fagerhult, Foscarini, Philips, Color Kinetics, Louis Poulsen, Original BTC, Vibia, Modo Luce, Zero Lighting, Traxon, XAL, Grupo MCI, Mike Stoane Lighting
  • Photo : Tom Niven

Highly Commended: Värde Partners Office, London – Susan Lake Lighting Design
Commended: New headquarters for CDE Global, Cooktown, Northern Ireland – Chroma Lighting
Shortlisted: HSBC, Grosvenor House, Sheffield – Arup


Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year

In association with LEDFLEX

Winner: University of Sheffield Concourse, Sheffield – Arup

This brutalist concrete viaduct at the University of Sheffield has been transformed into a colourful gathering space for students thanks to its innovative lighting scheme. The brief to independent consultants Arup was to create a space that encourages students to linger, facilitate external event, extend the use beyond 5pm and celebrate the 1960s brutalist architecture. Colours have been carefully selected to contrast surfaces and compliment materiality. Diffuse white downlight supplements scenes at times where strong saturated colours may affect the occupants’ experience, providing a neutral spectrum without compromising visual impact.

Project Credits

  • Designers: Dan Lister, Justin Boyd and David Battersby, all of Arup.
  • Bespoke luminaire development: Mark Ayres
  • Client: University of Sheffield
  • Landscape architects: HLM
  • Main Contractor: Henry Boot
  • Electrical Contractor: Elecomm
  • Bridge Owner: Sheffield City Council
  • Lighting equipment: Anolis, Ewo, Erco, LED Linear, Octant, Osram​
  • Picture: Midi Photography/Arup

Highly Commended: Illuminated River by Leo Villareal, London in association with Illuminated River Foundation – Atelier Ten, LDS and Signify
Commended: Mercer St Art Installation, St Martin’s Courtyard, London – Studio 29
Shortlisted: Kimpton Fitzroy, London – Lighting Design International


Interior Luminaire of the Year

In association with ThisisCraft

Winner: Florence+ – Whitecroft

Florence+ is an innovative low-profile bedhead luminaire for hospitals which combines a soft ‘hotel’ aesthetic with the required clinical quality. There are three independently controlled distinct lighting sources delivering light with a colour rendering index of over 90 Ra. It’s fully LG2 compliant, and the powerful combination of upward, forward and downward light can deliver the full examination level of 1000 lux on the bed reducing the need for supplementary examination lighting. Colour temperature and light levels can be tuned for patient and clinical care tasks. Additionally, with a wipe-clean single unit, the luminaire has been designed for excellent infection control.


Highly Commended: Vault – ateljé Lyktan
Highly commended: DB X LED Engine – Orlight
Shortlisted: Lightcycle™ – Dyson
Shortlisted: AERIAL™ – Soraa
Shortlisted: Artius Track – Aurora
Shortlisted: Revo – Tamlite
Shortlisted: Broadlighter Acoustic – Luxonic


Exterior Luminaire of the Year

In association with Falcon Events and Media

Winner: Lumenquad – Lumenpulse

The Lumenquad is a rectilinear projector with a thin 76 mm profile, no visible wiring or hardware, and clean mounting option. Combining modern design and elegance with robustness and durability (rated IP66 and IK10 shatter-resistant glass), the Lumenquad has an integrated accessory design which preserves the luminaire’s aesthetics, even when optical accessories, such as visors, wire guards, or lenses are added on-site. The optical system prioritises intensity, when narrow spotlighting or accenting is required, to ensure crisp and accurate, punchy beams of up to 583,070 candelas. The system also provides even distributions and an outstanding efficacy of up to 110 lumens per watt.

Highly Commended: Palco InOut Framer – iGuzzini
Shortlisted: Taurus – Tamlite
Shortlisted: MPG-1N – Litho Circuits
Shortlisted: LINEARlight Rigid Finesse System – Osram
Shortlisted: Lumenbeam Inground – Lumenpulse


Emergency Lighting Product of the Year

In association with Escape Zone

Winner: Lumitel® AST Powered by Mymesh – Chess Wise

Lumitel®, powered by Mymesh, is a market first in delivering a  secure and scalable wireless IoT platform designed to deliver  end-to-end emergency lighting automated self test. Leveraging DALI standards and Mymesh, a self organising, wireless mesh backbone, Mymesh can connect up to 10,000 devices on any single network without any additional wiring or infrastructure, meaning that buildings of any size can be deployed without complicated planning, infrastructure or disruption. Every emergency light is mapped onto a digital twin of the building – showing the asset location, related contextual data and real time data on emergency status in accordance with BS5266.

Highly Commended: Spazio PLUS – Zemper
Shortlisted: ARIS – ES-SYSTEM
Shortlisted: TrustSight LED Emergency Gen3 – Signify
Shortlisted: Xylux LR4 – Mackwell


Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year

In association with GOOEE

Winner: NearSky Smart City Platform – Cimcon Lighting

NearSky is a sensor integration platform that turns street lights into ‘smart city’ devices. The NearSky 360 edge processor connects to any ANSI C136.41 socket and is operationally compatible with third-party photocells and street light controllers. It uses the RF lighting control network provided by Cimcon’s intelligent streetlight controllers to transmit sensor data from the street light to the NearSky StreetVibe cloud platform. It also expands the number of devices which can be powered and metered from one unit and allows two security cameras to be mounted on each street light to cover both directions of a street.

Highly Commended: MiHome Smart Light Switch Chrome – Energenie
Shortlisted: GenX Developer Kits – Itron
Shortlisted: Starlite Connect – Tamlite
Shortlisted: OCTO – Ansell Lighting


Enabling Technology of the Year

In association with lightspace

Winner: Vega 07 module – Ledmotive

Vega 07 is a light source whose spectral output can be tuned to exactly match that of natural daylight, or indeed any spectral signature. Specifically it can target both the visual and the non-visual responses to light by humans. The module contains seven different colour LEDs covering the visible range of the spectrum without any gaps in the spectral power distribution. The channel selection has been made to offer a continuous spectrum in order to achieve a high quality of light. The module also contains a specific channel whose peak lies between 470-490 nm, which is responsible for non-visual stimulation.

Highly Commended: S2F Series – Lensvector
Commended: Dual Beam Technology – Megaman
Shortlisted: eldoLED DUALdrive platform – eldoLED
Shortlisted: Lighting Reality PRO V2 – Lighting Reality
Shortlisted: ZEROBLUE™ Technology – Soraa
Shortlisted: LM301H ONE – Samsung
Shortlisted: LM302N – Samsung
Shortlisted: T-series – Samsung
Shortlisted: Wicop – Seoul Semiconductor
Shortlisted: AOne Rotary Dimmer – Aurora
Shortlisted: Origin – Mackwell
Shortlisted: Pico-COBs – Luminus


Controls Product of the Year

In association with LIA Laboratory

Winner: CMS Street Lighting Upgrade – City of London

The City of London’s Smart Cities Control Management System (CMS) works by sending out a radio-frequency signal from a small number of access points to nodes in each street light. Each node has its own IP address and acts as a relay to every other node, creating the ‘mesh’. This mesh network is automatically self-forming and self-healing (ie if one node fails, the mesh reforms around it). The RF technology is strong enough to send signals through buildings as well as around them, solving the canyon and alleyway problem characteristic of the City of London.

Highly Commended:  e-Sense Organic G3 – Fagerhult
Commended: RoomSet – Helvar
Shortlisted: Lightview – Gooee
Shortlisted: Iris – TheisCraft
Shortlisted: Urban Node DC – Urban Control
Shortlisted: Multi Control Dimmer – BP-LED


Lighting for a Circular Economy Award

In association with Lumicom

Winner: The Handlebar Café, Winchester – Michael Grubb Studio

The Handlebar Café, a cycle cafe on a cycle path crossing Hockley Viaduct, project was created by a group of local teenagers. The project, operated by a community interest company, relied heavily on fundraising to make it a reality. Independent lighting design practice Michael Grubb Studio supported the project as part of its Re:Lit initiative, which takes superseded, damaged and ex-demonstation lighting and puts then to good use in community spaces. A limited pallet of pendants, downlights and linear LED lighting have been integrated internally to indirectly illuminate the feature joinery clad ceiling and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Project Credits

  • Luminaire donors: iGuzzini, LEDLinear, Optelma

Highly Commended: EWRG and Tamlite working with Asda – WERCS
Shortlisted: Turbo charging the recycling of lighting products – Recolight
Shortlisted: Dark Source


Sales Team of the Year

In association with Parrot PR and Marketing

Winner: Architainment

Cited by judges for its  determination, tenacity and success rate, the sales team at Architainment Lighting punches above its weight. Headed up by sales director Neil Gamble, the team is integral to the firm’s many successful years of growth. This year, Architainment Lighting began distributing its own product for the first time, Architape – a linear LED solution. The sales team has capitalised on the opportunities presented by Architape, successfully securing its inclusion in high profile projects such as the Royal Opera House and London Canal Museum. This success has been replicated with the high sales of the SGM branded solutions, which Architainment Lighting became the official distributor for in the UK.

Project Credits

  • Supplier: FUTURE Designs
  • ​Design team: Atkins, Grimshaw, Maynard and GIA Equation
  • Photos: Crossrail

Shortlisted: LuxBox
Shortlisted: Casambi
Shortlisted: Reggiani


Supplier of the Year

In association with Clarion

Winner: DW Windsor

DW Windsor has been cited for its consistently high levels of environmental awareness, technical innovation and leadership. The company says its growth is based on the success of its customers and building effective partnerships with them. It begins its ‘customer value analysis’ by understanding both the service and product needs of the clients. This helps the company to design services and solutions that consider the complete life cycle from manufacture to installation, including maintenance and decommissioning. DW Windsor recently helped Wandsworth Borough Council and the London Borough of Brent to meet their carbon objectives, including delivering all product without cardboard boxes.

Shortlisted: Ansell Lighting
Shortlisted: FUTURE Designs
Shortlisted: Tamlite
Shortlisted: Designplan Lighting


Client of the Year

In association with Tamlite

Winner: The City of London

The City of London was cited by the judges for its foresight and commitment to innovation. Nominated by DW Windsor, it’s one of the first local authorities to improve residents’ and workers’ quality of life through the development of a comprehensive, innovative and holistic lighting strategy. Designed in conjunction with Speirs + Major, the lighting strategy pulls together three main streams of thought: lighting for people, sustainability and the future. It addresses over-lighting, unnecessary light pollution, excessive glare and inconsistencies in lighting design, while providing a digital platform upon which Smart City technologies can be introduced.


SLL Young Lighter of the Year

In association with Society of Light and Lighting


Anna Wawrzyniak (Peter Andres Lichtplanung, Germany), A Light Booster Metro Car for the Commuting Work Force: Human Centric Lighting in Underground Transportation



Fatemeh Dastgheib (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Outdoor Lighting and Perception of Safety from a Female Perspective

Melissa Kennedy (WSP, London), Texture within the Light: Evaluating the Impact of Textured Light upon the Sensual Atmospheres within Art, Architecture and Design

Nils Voerste (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany), Evidence based Lighting Design for Urban Environments: Natural and Artifical Lighting Impacts on Peoples’ Experiences of Public Space


Lux Person of the Year

In association with Lux Review

Winner: Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton
The Light Collective

Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton were praised by the judges for their Women in Lighting initiative, whose aim is to promote the passion and achievements of women working in lighting design. It narrates their career path and goals, celebrates their work and helps elevate their profile in the lighting community. The duo maintain that there is a need to increase the profile of successful women working in lighting to help encourage, support and inspire the next generation. The project is supported by individual female lighting designers in over 50 countries. Women in Lighting is not about gender inequality but about inclusivity and how this is beneficial to the profession as a whole.



  • The Lux Awards 2020 will take place on Thursday 12 November 2020. For more info, click HERE.