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Coventry firm wins contract for 20,000 Navy lamps

Britain’s newest aircraft carrier, Prince of Wales, is one of a number of Royal Navy warships to benefit from the specially-developed lamps. Pic: Alex Ceolin via WIkiMedia Commons

A COVENTRY firm has secured its second contract with the Ministry of Defence after designing and manufacturing a vibration-proof lamp specifically for its flagship warships.

Stefanos Kandilidis, managing director of Ledison Lighting (centre), with two members of staff after securing a contract to design and manufacture new light bulbs for the Ministry of Defence

Ledison Lighting, which is the parent company of Voltacon, in Burnsall Road Industrial Estate, Canley, was commissioned to engineer a long-lasting bulb which could be used below deck.

Boss Stefanos Kandilidis designed the 5W, 8W, 10W and 14W high-spec LED bulbs to provide 40,000 hours of use. The range encompasses all types of compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent replacements.

Around 20,000 light bulbs are currently being manufactured at Ledison Lighting’s factory in China before they will be transported to the UK in February to be installed on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the HMS Prince of Wales, frigates and the T45 destroyer.

‘The Ministry of Defence approached us since we provided 100,715 tubes of LED lighting for its warships in 2018,’ Kandilidis told Lux.

‘They had specific requirements because they want the bulbs to be used in generator and storage rooms and to withstand vibration as well as to be long-lasting.

‘They were finding that the bulbs they were using were failing after a short time so they contacted us since we have worked with them before.

‘Bulbs generally provide 15 to 20,000 hours but the new lamp we’ve designed provides double that which is really important when you are under sea and thousands of miles away from dock.

‘All the testing, design and production was carried out at our premises in Coventry along with the sourcing of the materials.

‘The testing has been approved and we are now in production in Shenzhen in China.

‘We’re proud to have secured this contract. It isn’t something that any lighting company could do but we accepted the challenge, we have met the expectations and we have produced a really bright light bulb which has set new parameters.

‘We selected premium quality integrated circuits and long-lasting capacitors that boost the performance and longevity of the products.

The sealing process of the dome onto the aluminium housing of the lamp has ensured a water tight connection that makes the bulb IP65 rated.’