Major event to focus on lighting sector and waste

From the materials and components used to the ability to be reused, deconstructed and recycled, how can lighting products be more sustainable? That is the question that a major conference will address.

A MAJOR conference on lighting and the circular economy is set to focus on the commercial opportunities in ending waste and obsolescence.

‘Transformation to a circular economy is essential if manufacturing is to be sustainable,’ says Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey, top, one of the speakers at March’s conference. The event takes place at the ultra-low emissions Crystal Building in London, middle.

The event is organised by Recolight and takes place at the ultra-low energy Crystal Building in London in March.

It’s timed to coincide with the increased need for the industry to deal with the impact of its products and practices on the environment.

The one-day discussion will bring together manufacturers, specifiers, recyclers and end users to plan the steps that each link in the supply chain must take to reduce its contribution to global warming.

‘Transformation to a circular economy is essential if manufacturing is to be sustainable,’ said Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey.

‘This will become ever more important as demand for resources rises, and energy costs increase.

‘With changes to legislation lighting producers should start considering how circular economy principles might be included in the products they design and manufacture. 

‘The earlier companies start, the more likely they are to be able to meet exceed the new requirements’. 

The conference takes place on Tuesday 24  March at the Crystal in Royal Victoria Dock and will be chaired by Ray Molony.

Speakers already confirmed include product designer Simon Fisher.

The conference will introduce the circular economy to those unfamiliar with the concept.

Representatives from Defra, LightingEurope and Recolight will detail the responsibilities both existing and future UK and EU legislation imposes.

The afternoon starts with a panel discussion led by Ray Molony and exploring the perspective of end users.

How can they be incentivised to use lighting that minimises material use and is recyclable and reusable?

The programme finishes with presentations from lighting designers and lighting producers who have adopted the principles of the circular economy principles into their projects and products

The event is free to Recolight producer members and £75 for all other attendees. It’s supported by the Lighting Industry Association.

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