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Osram bets big on Casambi wireless lighting tech

Osram’s extension of its deal with Casambi will be seen as a big vote of confidence in the Finnish company and its influential role in the future of Bluetooth wireless lighting control.

OSRAM HAS extended its technology deal with Bluetooth lighting pioneer Casambi to roll out the tech into more of its products.

Casambi was one of the first companies to appreciate the potential of Bluetooth Low Energy in the lighting market and has cumulatively sold over a million nodes

The move is significant as it will be seen a big vote of confidence in the Finnish company and its influential role in the future of Bluetooth wireless lighting control.

An agreement has been signed that will see Osram leverage the benefits of Casambi’s embedded Bluetooth module and software technology. The move will act as a base to develop further intelligent Casambi-ready hardware, as well as lighting control software for the professional lighting market.

Casambi’s embedded Bluetooth module is designed for integration with LED drivers, lighting control systems and luminaires.

The module is pre-programmed with Casambi’s firmware, making it compatible with other Casambi-enabled devices.

Wireless control is achieved using Casambi smartphone and tablet apps via the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

Devices automatically form a self-healing and self-organising wireless mesh network so that a large number of fixtures can be controlled from any point, without the requirement for an external gateway module.

Casambi’s technology enables smart connected luminaires and, therefore, has been attracting a lot of attention in the lighting industry.

By extending its partnership with Casambi, Osram will be able to further exploit the benefits of the proprietary wireless lighting control protocol and, in particular, Bluetooth Low Energy, which forms the basis of the system.

The smooth user experience and scalability are seen as key to Osram’s interest in the deal.

The scale can range from individual fixture controls in a residential application to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring and data logging.

‘We’re extremely pleased to extend our highly successful technology partnership with Osram, fostering the further use of BLE technology within the lighting controls market,’ said Kari Mettälä, the newly-appointed chief executive officer at Casambi.

‘With over 1 million nodes operating in the market, Casambi is the industry’s most adopted system.

‘The scalability of the system is well proven, with some projects deploying up to 10,000 nodes. We are sure this agreement will facilitate the increased creation of intelligent wireless control solutions for innovative market players. It also supports the best possible user experience, due to a seamlessly compatible standard across brands and hardware.’