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TClarke in exclusive deal with smart light pioneer Gooee

London-based contracting giant TClarke has signed a five-year deal with Internet-connected lighting pioneer Gooee to provide its advanced technology in the UK.

It will have the sole right to sell, install and maintain the Gooee suite of smart building products.

As part of the agreement, TClarke has made an investment in Gooee.

The strategic partnership will provide TClarke initial revenues from the sale and installation of the products.

It will also give it a share of ongoing recurring revenue from subscription services as well as supporting and adding value to all of its existing markets. 

In addition, Gooee provides the opportunity for TClarke to become what executives called ‘a smart facilities-management provider’.

Gooee pioneered the concept of smart lighting connected to the internet to provide control as well as additional services and insights to building owners.


It provides a ‘full stack’ of software, firmware and hardware to create intelligent and responsive spaces. 

At the start, the technology was designed to be bundled in luminaires but in recent years it has been it has been marketed as a platform that can be integrated anywhere into buildings.

‘Buildings need to lower their impact on the environment and adapt for the future,’ said Gooee chief Neil Salt.

‘They contribute 40 per cent of global energy demand and 40 per cent in the global emissions of carbon dioxide.  

‘The TClarke partnership gives us an accelerated route to market at scale.’

‘We’re excited about the very significant potential of the Gooee technology,’ said TClarke chief Mark Lawrence. 

‘Gooee allows building owners to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, and it’s ready to scale in the UK and other markets.

‘We look forward to working together with the Gooee team to transform building performance.’

Last year, Gooee signed a deal with Dutch property services giant Croonwolter&dros to get 5,000 commercial buildings fitted with the technology.