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Meet the high-bay light that kills viruses

A white pendant light suspended from a ceiling
The 31W Air-Lume high bay version – which is aimed at ‘WeWork-style’ offices and costs £450 – delivers 1230lm at 3000K.

A HIGH-BAY light which can kill 99 per cent of viruses and bacteria and remove toxic gasses in the workplace has been unveiled. 

The Air-Lume, developed by UK-based Trinity Lighting, combines powerful active air purification with high-specification LED lighting and is designed to tap into the booming market for wellbeing in the workplace.

It works by a multi-action process; first, a 10-micron particulate filter removes dust, pollens and allergens, then a 12mm activated carbon filter takes out VOCs and noxious gasses.

Next, clinical-standard 265nm UV LEDs – hidden in the body of the luminaire –  sterilise bacteria, viruses and fungal pores.

Finally, a titanium dioxide photocatalytic reactor further eradicates germs, viruses and toxic gasses.

The product wasn’t developed specifically to tackle the coronavirus, but company boss and lighting industry veteran Mark Cunningham says the Air-Lume represents another layer of protection against it and other air-borne infections.

‘We breath in 15,000 litres of air every day,’ said Cunningham.

‘But the US Environmental Protection Agency has discovered that indoor air can be anywhere from two to five times as polluted as outdoor air.

‘Worse, in the UK, some 86 per cent of people admit that they regularly attend their workplace with a contagious condition such as the flu. 

‘Air conditioning – which can move germs around a building – often makes the problem worse.’

Trinity developed Air~Lume as an answer to free-standing air purifiers, which Cunningham says are too bulky, too noisy and need active engagement by occupants as a result of being floor mounted taking in dust from the floor.

‘The logical place to put air-purification is in the space where people are breathing’.

Cunningham won’t make specific guarantees about the coronavirus but says that the scientific technology is a ‘proven virus killer’.

’It’s reasonable to assume corona virus would face the same DNA destruction as any other virus’.

The airflow of the standard Air-Lume is 100 cubic metres every hour so a room area 3 x 3 x 3 metres equates to 3.7 air exchanges per hour or 28 lites every second.

The Air-Lume has noise levels of 40 to 50 adjusted decibels for medium to high output, which Cunningham describes as a ‘quiet healthy breeze rather than a noisy wind’.

He says the Air-Lume hasn’t compromised on light quality, and features best-in-class colour rendering, ultra-low flicker and low glare. Full spectrum ‘Sunlike’ LEDs are an option.  

‘The introduction of UVC LED light sources has allowed for the tuning of very narrow bandwidths of light to control the colour emitted. 

‘The known benefits of 265-275 Nm deep violet as the best for disrupting the DNA of bacteria and viruses and fungal spores deactivating their pathogenic activity and reducing the proliferation and human cross contaminations. 

‘The wide spectrum catch-all of the dangerous mercury lamps is now obsolete and the improved LED operational life ensures low maintenance costs with long term protection. 

‘Trinity has placed the surgically accurate wavelengths of light safely within the housings out of eyesight, to progressively sterilise the air with each pass through the system’.

The 31W high bay version – which is aimed at ‘WeWork-style’ offices and costs £450 – delivers 1230lm at 3000K. The lighting consumes 12W and the fan accounts for 18W. 

It’s is one of wide range of design-registered and patent-pending models that includes linear and recessed versions. 

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