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The Lux Awards 2020 is now open for entries!

A delighted winner holds up a Lux Awards trophy
Francesca Gosling of PJC Light Studio collects a Lux Awards trophy for the relighting of the the V&A Members’ Room in London in the Hospitality, Leisure and Faith Lighting Project of the Year category, sponsored by Lutron.

THE LUX Awards 2020 has officially opened for entries. 

It’s the tenth anniversary of the programme which has rewarded and recognised hundreds of projects and products as examples of excellence in lighting since 2010. 

There are 15 categories, each one representing an opportunity to highlight your skills and achievements.

Because winning an award will give you marketing gold in these challenging times, when it’s harder than ever to cut through. 

A Lux Award tells peers and potential clients that you’ve been independently recognised as exceptional. 

Over the last decade, the Lux Awards has established itself as the best recognised awards scheme in the business, which honours not just the people in the industry, but the customers who use light to create great things.

The programme is designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability, recognising clients and end-users that have used lighting in exceptional ways to improve their lit environment, whilst reducing energy and achieving business objectives in the process.

‘There’s a lot going on in the world right now,’ says James Samuel, director of the Lux Awards. ‘You don’t need a reminder of that, and we know most lighting professionals will be working from home. 

‘So why not take a minute, step back, and really look at what you’ve achieved as a business over this past year.

‘This is a unique opportunity to get independent recognition for your work.’

This year’s Lux Awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 12 November.

To see a list of the 15 entry categories and submit your entry click HERE.

Best of luck!


You’ve got to be in it to win it
It’s obvious, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people lament not winning an award when they haven’t entered. And even for those who don’t win, just being shortlisted will earn you valuable exposure.

Tell the story
We judge product and projects based on the problems they solve and the benefits they bring. So explain the challenge of your lighting project, or the rationale behind the product you’ve created. A bit of backstory helps the judges put your work in context so they can assess it properly.

Find what makes you different
Dozens of companies enter the Lux Awards and only a few can win. When the judges are faced with a pile of project descriptions or a room full of luminaires, they’re looking for what stands out. Think hard about what sets your product or project apart from your competitors and push it to the fore.

Facts, facts, facts
The Lux Awards judging panel are used to making big lighting investments, and they know what data to look for. If an entry leaves them with unanswered questions, it’s hard for them to pick it out as a winner. Don’t just say you’re the most innovative, most environmentally friendly, most cost-effective or most futureproof – prove it. There’s a maximum word limit on each entry, so go easy on the PR waffle and cram in as many solid facts as you can.

It’s not all about glamour
The Lux Awards don’t just celebrate five-star foyers and façades. We also love warehouses, factories, offices and underpasses – including retrofit and refurb projects as well as new builds. Don’t worry if your project isn’t glamorous – if you’ve got a great story to tell about the benefits it brought the client, it could be a winner.

David can beat Goliath
The range of products and projects competing in each Lux Awards category is diverse – and it’s not always the biggest that wins. In 2019, the Handlebar Café in Winchester won in the Lighting for a Circular Economy while the branch of Flanels in Newcastle scooped the Retail category with a bold design.

It’s not a photo competition…
Unlike some awards schemes, the Lux Awards is more than just a photo competition. Our judges examine every shortlisted product and visit every shortlisted project. Having said that…

… you still need great photos
Before the judges decide which sites to visit and which products to examine, they’ll be working from photos, and need to be able to decide what’s worthy of their attention. So make sure images present the project to best advantage. We recommend getting professional photos taken.

Get the end user on board
If you are the end user, this box is already ticked. If you’re a manufacturer, engineer or lighting designer, then it pays to get the client’s support for your Lux Awards entry. After all, they’re the ultimate judge of whether the project is a success or not, so a testimonial (or even better, attendance on a site visit) counts for a lot. You could even nominate them for the Client of the Year Award.

Give the judges a hand
If the judges request a product sample, make sure it’s ‘plug and play’ – they have a lot of products to look at and won’t have time to wire up plugs. If they request a demonstration, make sure your presentation is polished and you’re ready to answer questions. If judges visit your project, have someone there to show them around (including the client, if possible). Oh, and make sure everything works. There have been cases where site visits uncovered failures, or products didn’t perform in a demonstration. They didn’t win.