Lighting Industry

Taison outlines details of its restructuring

TAISON has moved to outline details of its restructuring plan for 2020 following reports than one its constituent companies, Taison Lighting Limited, has gone into administration.

Company chief David Sladdin says that Taison Lighting Limited, which became Corpsol 101 Limited in February so that the Taison name could be retained, is not part of the restructure.

The original intention was for this entity to simply cease trading, but due to difficulties including the market uncertainty caused by Brexit, it entered administration on 25 March.

The new organisation – part of an ambitious five-year programme which started in 2018 – is designed to reflect the current conditions in the lighting sector. 

‘The spec market is becoming very difficult to work in,’ says Sladdin. ‘Instead, specialist companies with specialist knowledge serving regional owner-managed businesses is the route we are going down.’

‘This plan has been devised to identify core areas that we feel the lighting industry is moving into and to enable us to focus on those demands to the best of our ability’.

These specialist businesses – all of which are owned by Taison Lighting Group Limited – are:

  • Taison Contract Lighting Limited, a mainstream supplier of technical lighting products for specification project-based contracts. It will also support the partner organisations.  
  • Taison Bespoke Lighting Limited, a custom manufacturing specialist.T his company will also specialise in product conversions from lamps to LED.
  • Taison Energy Solutions, a provider of high efficiency lighting upgrades including LED lighting financing and lighting-as-a-service monthly rental contracts.
  • LED Lighting UK, an online-only supplier of cost-effective commodity commercial lighting.

These four companies will in turn supply product to a network of 12 owner-managed businesses, which will be responsible for the sale of Taison products in regions of the UK and Ireland.

The structure was conceived when Taison rescued Fluorel Lighting from difficulties in 2018. 

Although Taison is the majority owner, the company has its own identity and degree of autonomy. 

The model has now become the template for the so-called partner organisations. 

Sladdin promises more information on the launches of each of the new businesses as they happen.