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CU Phosco celebrates getting Made in Britain marque

A coastal highway at light lit by street lights
CU Phosco supplied its P850/P851 LED road lantern luminaires for the A55 trunk road in Conwy in North Wales. The company has now been recognised with the Made in Britain marque.

CU PHOSCO Lighting has been accredited as a member of Made in Britain. 

The manufacturer says its adoption of the official, protected mark will help buyers recognise its products as good quality, great value and British-made. 

The mark also gives customers confidence in the transparency, sustainability, and ethical business practices of the bearer.

Backers of the marque say that consumers are increasingly recognising the Made in Britain mark as a stamp of confidence. 

‘We’re really proud of our British manufacturing history,’ says CU Phosco’s sales director of lighting, Matt Murray

‘Our continual product development and diversification across our journey throughout the last century, is a testament to our proud heritage and British engineering skills. 

‘The Made in Britain affiliation creates another qualification of our quality of products, coupled with an ability to serve customers large or small anywhere on the globe. 

‘Our UK customers can rely on a high quality, cost effective, low-carbon services and home-grown products reducing the carbon footprint over our overseas competitors.’

John Pearce, chief executive of Made in Britain said: ‘We’re delighted that CU Phosco Lighting has joined the community of more than 1,200 British manufacturers. 

‘The more the mark is used and seen, the more it is recognised as a mark of quality. 

‘In addition to getting access to the official protected mark, CU Phosco Lighting will also start to enjoy the many other benefits membership to Made in Britain brings, including support in sales, marketing, PR/comms and export. 

‘We look forward to watching CU Phosco Lighting grow with our help and support.’