Test house awards first cert for human-centric light

A dial showing different colours
VDE says the Biolux has qualitatively fulfilled ‘all the existing requirements, norms and standards for a human-centric lighting system’.

THE FIRST certification of a human-centric lighting product has been awarded by German test house VDE Institute to Ledvance for its Biolux product.

VDE says the company has qualitatively fulfilled ‘all the existing requirements, norms and standards for a human-centric lighting system’. 

VDE test engineers carry out product, quality and safety tests on more than 100,000 devices per year before the VDE Institute awards the test mark. 

The VDE Institute says it has developed a standardised catalogue of test-criteria to evaluate HCL systems with regard to quality, safety, performance and usability. 

Compliance with the criteria is confirmed by a three-stage certificate. The Biolux system from Ledvance achieved ‘outstanding results’ in the tests and is the first HCL system ever to receive the new VDE HCL certificate with the best possible award of three out of three stars. 

The evaluation was based on various criteria regarding light quality, correct simulation of the course of daylight, energy and cost efficiency, safety, ease of installation and commissioning, usability and compliance with national, EU and global norms and standards.

‘Until now, there has been no qualitative testing of HCL systems by an independent authority’, Ledvance head of R&D and strategic portfolio management Dr. Ulrich Weiss told Lux. 

‘We very much welcome VDE’s initiative to establish standardised HCL test-criteria based on norms and standards and incorporating measurement techniques. 

‘This is unique worldwide. We’re very proud that our Biolux system has received the best possible quality award from VDE and fulfils all requirements to positively support the human biological rhythm, showing activity and performance during the day, supporting good sleep at night and increase well-being.’

‘The collaboration with the technical experts from Ledvance has been excellent’, says Dragana Zdravkovic-Stojanovic, technical expert for luminaires at VDE Institute. 

‘Our criteria for being awarded with three stars were by no means easy to implement.’ 

She says the quality of light, the course of day sequences adapted to the situation, and the easy installation as particularly outstanding to her. 

‘I’m looking forward very much to further joint projects”, says the VDE expert.

Through colour temperatures and illuminance levels, human centric lighting (HCL) can simulate the course of natural daylight in such a way that it provides positive support for the human circadian rhythm, or body clock. 

A neutral or cold white light colour, for example, can energise in the morning whereas a warm white light is relaxing and ideal for the evening.