Unveiled: UV-C conference experts and agenda

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The LuxLive Digital Kicker UV-C Conference, which takes place on Tuesday 22 September, will focus on the role of UV-C lighting in securing the safety and wellbeing of workplaces.

THE AGENDA and panel of experts for this month’s highly anticipated conference on UV-C lighting has been unveiled by the organisers.

The LuxLive Digital Kicker UV-C Conference, which takes place on Tuesday 22 September, will focus on the role of UV-C lighting in securing the safety and wellbeing of workplaces.

UV-C light is one of few proven methods of eliminating the coronavirus and other pathogens, but its deployment in workplaces, education, healthcare and hospitality buildings has challenges. 

In this special event, the experts will explore the standards and regulatory framework around ultraviolet lighting and current best practice in surface and upper room disinfection.

The seminars open with an introduction to UV-C by Signify’s global head of special lighting, Emile van Dijk. 

Exploring standards and rules on UV-C will be BSI electrical certification team leader Holly Rossington, who will walks us through the regulatory environment relating to UV-C and outline the future direction of travel.

Dan Lister, associate at Arup and Paul Lynch, senior engineer in advanced digital engineering of Arup will explore how fluid dynamics can make UV-C more effective against the coronavirus.

The leading multidisciplinary practice has been conducting independent research into how air-borne particles behave in different spaces using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). 

This can help us understand how we can effectively tackle viruses and pathogens in buildings using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation such as upper room disinfection using UV-C.

Yann Desnouveaux , product manager in Europe for Signify will discuss one of the most exciting areas, upper-air disinfection using UV-C.

Industry observers expect a booming market for so-called ‘upper air room disinfection’, in which air-borne viruses are inactivated by UV-C light that is safely & continuously emitted from units mounted in the upper part of a room. Our presenter will explain the concept and its safe application in buildings.

The use of UV-C robots is an exciting frontier in the fight against coronavirus. 

Self-driving UV disinfection robots are set to be a key tool in making buildings Covid-19 secure and are already being used in over 60 countries worldwide. UVD Robots, a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics, is behind global sales of the self-moving UV disinfection robots that can autonomously disinfect contaminated rooms to attack both multi-resistant microbes and coronaviruses, incl. Covid-19. 

The robots use concentrated UV light to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes. By combining knowledge from microbiology with advanced robotics technology, the robot can navigate safely while ensuring all relevant and contaminated surfaces are exposed with the right amount of light for the right amount of time in order to kill specific types of virus and bacteria. In this session, we learn about their capabilities and explore the recent deployment in both healthcare and non-healthcare areas, including at Heathrow Airport, where the robots are patrolling the gates, toilets, waiting zones and other areas. John Erland Østergaard, chief technology officer at Blue Ocean Robotics will explore the role of robots.

Nathanael Dannenberg, national sales manager of Signify will present a session entitled: UV-C – Where does it work? 

He take us through use case applications for UV-C Lighting in different working environments including offices, industry, healthcare, hospitality and public spaces.

The UV-C conference is suitable for employers, facility managers, building owners, building services engineers, lighting designers and professionals and manufacturers. 

Registration and attendance are free of charge.

It’s a ‘kicker’ event in advance of the LuxLive 2020 Digital Festival, which takes place on Wednesday 11 November and Thursday 12 November 2020.

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