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UV-C lighting to disinfect trays at airport security

An airport security point with staff in blue uniforms
The UV-C LED lighting installation is designed to cut the transmission of viruses and other pathogens, reduce the health risks for staff and passengers and provide an extra measure in making airports 'Covid-secure’.

A LIGHTING company has won its largest ever order – to supply UV-C LEDs to disinfect trays at airport security. 

The system is designed to cut the transmission of viruses and other pathogens, reduce the health risks for staff and passengers and provide an extra measure in making airports ‘Covid-secure’.

The deal will also be seen as evidence that interest in UV-C for disinfection is starting to translate into actual orders. 

A newly-formed subsidiary of LED iBond – LED Aviation – won the business to supply 50 UV-C LED-based disinfection systems for integration in security checkpoint systems made by specialist manufacturer Vanderlande.

This is about double the security checkpoint capacity at a medium-sized airport like Copenhagen.

The slimness of LED iBond’s ultra-minimalistic luminaire LED units appears to have a been a major factor in its selection. 

LED iBond uses the unique properties of  aluminium composite plates to integrate LEDs into an ultra-slim, ultra-efficient package. An ACP consists of two thin layers of aluminium, bonded by a PE core, resulting in an overall thickness of 6mm.

The UV-C LEDs are designed to disinfect the baggage trays as they return on the concealed rollers embedded in the security unit.

Since aluminium is both a good conductor of electricity and thermal energy, no additional wiring is required, and no additional heatsinks are required. ACPs are also economical in production, allowing new luminaire concepts to be built quickly as conventional printed circuit boards are not required.

Rolf H. Sprunk-Jansen, CEO of LED iBond,  said: ‘The cooperation with Vanderlande is an important milestone in our entry into the UV-C disinfection market. 

‘The order demonstrates that our mercury free UV-C solution, slim form-factor and superior cooling characteristics of LED iBond’s patented aluminium composite panels enable advanced lighting in tight spaces’.

The integration of UV-C lighting into security checkpoint systems isn’t the only deployment of the technology at airports.

A team of five robots packed with powerful UC-V lighting is currently patrolling the terminals at Heathrow Airport. 

The location of the LED iBond UV-C LED units inside the security checkpoint.

The self-driving machines move around the gates, toilets, waiting zones and other  areas when they are unoccupied and disinfect the rooms, handrails, handles and furniture using powerful UV-C light to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

United Airlines is one of a number of airlines deploying handheld UV-C technology on aircraft at its hub airports in a bid to disinfect the flight deck interior and provide pilots with a Covid19-secure work environment. 

  • The agenda and panel of experts for this month’s highly anticipated conference on UV-C lighting has been unveiled by the organisers. The LuxLive Digital Kicker UV-C Conference, which takes place on Tuesday 22 September, will focus on the role of UV-C lighting in securing the safety and wellbeing of workplaces. Register free HERE.
  • LED iBond is distributed in the UK by Light on Line. For more details contact [email protected].