LED innovator eyes booming horticulture market

Plants bathed in magenta light
LED iBond has signed a deal with Senmatic, a ‘vertical farm’ specialist supplier, to include LED iBond’s ultra-thin lighting units into shelves.

LED iBond, the Danish creator of ultra-minimalistic luminaire LED units, is making a strategic move into the booming horticulture market.

It has signed a deal with Senmatic, a ‘vertical farm’ specialist supplier, to include LED iBond’s ultra-thin lighting units into shelves.

The innovative LED modules are typically integrated in a standard range or bespoke aluminium composite panel technology.

LED iBond uses the unique properties of  aluminium composite plates to integrate LEDs into an ultra-slim, ultra-efficient package. Its standard product consists of two thin layers of aluminium, bonded by a PE core, resulting in an overall thickness of just 6mm.

Since aluminium is both a good conductor of electricity and thermal energy, no additional wiring is required, and no additional heatsinks are required. 

The units are also economical in production, allowing new luminaire concepts to be built quickly as conventional printed circuit boards are not required.

The new vertical farming shelves are based on LED iBond’s patented lighting fixture, which combines best in class cooling characteristics and minimal space requirements with a high carrying capacity. 

‘This partnership with Senmatic marks LED iBond’s commercial entry into the industrial vertical farming market,’ said LED iBond chief Rolf Sprunk-Jansen.

‘With their vertical farming technology and their global network of 40 dealers, Senmatic is an ideal partner for us, bringing our LED panel technology into play in an emerging industry with huge growth potential. 

‘The agreement with Senmatic makes us even more confident that LED iBond’s financial outlook is well within reach’. 

The strategic partnership between Senmatic and LED iBond is based on Senmatic’s knowledge of LED grow lights and software solutions for industrial vertical farming and LED iBond’s unique LED technology platform. 

Mads Nychel, CEO at Senmatic told Lux: ‘We have more than 40 years of experience with indoor plant production. 

‘We will combine LED iBond’s super-slim and energy-efficient shelf-and-lighting panels with our controllers and software to create a multifunctional vertical farming solution with best-in-class growth conditions for industrial indoor horticulture. 

‘This new partnership with LED iBond will further contribute to our growth in the vertical farming market, so we are very pleased indeed for this opportunity to join forces with LED iBond’. 

LED iBond and Senmatic are planning to launch their joint vertical farming offering at the end of the year. 

The financial implications of the strategic partnership with Senmatic are already included in LED iBond’s financial outlook. 

LED iBond is distributed in the UK by Light on Line.