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CQC unveils street lighting photocells and components

A street light silhouetted against the sun
Outdoor lighting specialist CQC has unveiled a range of advanced photocells for street lights. The CQC series includes photocells, photocontrollers to Zhaga specifications, receptacles and enclosures.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING specialist Qicheng Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd.  has unveiled a range of advanced photocells for street lights.

The series includes photocells, photocontrollers to NEMA with ZHAGA specifications, receptacles and enclosures.

A photocell

The company’s LC-135D electronic photo controller features a twist-and-lock base and is compliant with both ANSI C136.10a and BS5972:80. Rated load options are 120V/1000W/1800VA and 240V/2000W/1800VA. 

Rated load options are 120V/1000W/1800VA and 240V/2000W/1800VA. 

The upward-facing photocell turn-on light level is 100 lx and turn off is set at 50 lx. Action time is under 60 seconds. The operating temperature range is from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius.

It has an electrical life of 5000 cycles and consumption is under 1W.

The firm’s wire-in photo control – the LC-105, above – complies with the UL773A standard and has a turn-on light level of 10-16 lx, which is adjustable at the customer’s request. The turn-off light level is <65 lx, and is also adjustable at the customer’s request.

The company is also marketing its Zhaga Book 18 Standard photocell housing, the LC-12D-80.

The  LC-12D-80’s cover is polycarbonate while the base material is the engineering polymer polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), a crystalline, high molecular weight polymer that has an excellent balance of properties and processing characteristics. 

It’s 45mm with a base diameter of 80mm. It’s rated at 30VDC/AC with a rated current of 1.5A.

The LC-12R receptacle, above, is compatible with the LC-12D-80 photocell housing and is also Zhaga Book 18 Standard.

The firm has an addressable locking and dimming unit in NEMA five-pin and seven-pin options. It conforms to  ANSI C136.41 – 2013.

Designed for outdoor lighting, the dimming receptacle and contact pads provide an electrical and mechanical interconnection between an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo control cell and the luminaire. 

The dimming receptacle is available with two or four dimming contacts to support either 0-30 VDC dimming methods or DALI.

The LC-10R/5 unit can provide connectivity for a total of seven wires, three main wires and four dimming or signal wires. Rated voltage is 480 VAC/DC and rated current is 15A. The dimming signal should be less than 250mA.

An enclosure option is the LC-10DZ, above, which is both NEMA and ANSI C136.41. The main body is polybutylene terephthalate while the upper unit is polycarbonate. A silicone rubber base gasket is also available to ensure a strong seal. Standard available heights are 80mm, 100mm and132mm, and the company says it will manufacture customised heights if required. 

The base options are available, the LC-10DZ/B5 which has two dimming/signal contact pads and the LC-10DZ/B7 which has four dimming/signal contact pads.

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