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Tech makes human-centric luminaires easier to design

two images of a woman in an office, one with warm lighting and one with cool
Mouser sees the controller a key component in human-centric lighting systems, in which different colour-temperature LEDs are mixed to produce light that closely matches the individual’s mood and time of day.Credit: Microchip

BY PARTNERING with the foremost technology suppliers in solid-state lighting, Mouser is able to offer an expansive product suite that facilitates next generation luminaire design. 

Having access to the latest engineering innovations means it can support the implementation of lighting systems that are better aligned with changes in people’s moods.

The leading electronics distributor says although there’s increased interest in such LED colour-tuning systems, as they can boost health and wellbeing in the workplace, they can be complex to put together. 

But new technology is making it much easier to implement human-centric lighting.

Pivotal to this approach is an innovative human centric lighting (HCL) reference design developed by US semiconductor firm Microchip. 

To ease the luminaire design effort, the reference design can support up to 50 watts of tunable light using warm and cool LED strings. 

The design includes the LED drivers, a microcontroller and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module. 

The HV96001 driver, left, and the evaluation board with which manufacturers can design their human-centric and LED colour-tuning systems.

The BLE connectivity allows the fully variable control of colour temperature and light intensity from a Bluetooth-connected smartphone                                                     

All the required components necessary to build the reference design, together with the PCB board layouts and software are available from the Mouser Electronics website. 

This enables for a fast, low risk and cost-effective implementation of HCL leading to rapid time to market.

Full details of the HCL reference design can be found here

Lighting equipment manufacturers are able test the capabilities of this sophisticated solution using a special evaluation board available from Mouser. 

Through this they can experiment with human-centric lighting systems, mixing different colour-temperature LEDs to produce light that closely matches how individuals are feeling and the particular time of day.

The controller maintains a high conversion efficiency over a wide LED load voltage range. It’s also capable of maintaining precise control over the LED current amplitude which helps in achieving consistent colour temperature. 

This solution is ideal for use in offline LED lighting applications featuring a wide dimming range. There is near-zero output voltage ripple for ripple-free LED current.

  • For more information on the HV96001, click HERE .