Theatre uses UV-C lighting to help get Covid-secure

An empty theatre with green seats illuminated with four blue lights
The Cultural and Congress Centre, a major performance and conference venue in Portugal, has become one of the first venues in the country to use UV-C lighting to sanitise its performance and public spaces

A MAJOR theatre in Portugal is using UV-C lighting to sanitise its interiors in a bid to tackle the coronavirus.

The Cultural and Congress Centre (CCC), a major performance and conference venue in Caldas da Rainha, has become one of the first venues in the country to use the technology to sanitise its performance and public spaces and maximise the safety for its spectators, artists and employees.

The CCC has invested in two types of sterilisation and disinfection lighting products, after consultation with Portuguese distributor, NAN of Lisbon. 

The venue procured four units of UVL150, a high-powered mobile UV lighting fixture from Goldensea for the sterilisation of large interior spaces. 

These are rigged on stands and can be transported to any desired location within the CCC’s auditoria and performances spaces. 

The resident team also chose a compact UV4C-H ultraviolet disinfection cabinet for the cleansing of microphones, headphones, cabling, and other materials and small objects in frequent daily use.

‘UV-C radiation is a well-known disinfectant for air, water and surfaces with a high rate of proven efficiency,’ the CCC’s Carlos Mota told Lux

‘It’s a technology widely used for disinfecting spaces and equipment in hospital environments, since all bacteria or viruses tested to date – including the various coronaviruses – are neutralised by UVC disinfection.’

The GoldenSea UV luminaires use Philips or Osram 253.7 nanometre UV-C lamps. The luminaires have security measures which the manufacturer says guarantee compliance with the UNE 0068 specification.

These include a delayed start to allow the evacuation of the area to be disinfected, remote control, motion sensor cut out, drop sensor (in mobile units), red or green indicator lights and an audio warning signal. 

The Cultural and Congress Centre of Caldas da Rainha has been awarded the Seal ‘Estabelecimento Clean & Safe’ (Clean & Safe Establishment) for venues for artistic performances, by Turismo de Portugal and the General Inspection of Cultural Activities. 

This award guarantees that the CCC ‘meets the appropriate health conditions at different levels, while offering the elements of comfort and safety to spectators.’

‘We are happy to help our customers to make their spaces safer,” states NAN director, Luis Vidigal. “This new measure will help our industry by enabling a greater level of activity during this difficult time.’

In October, the Royal Theatre in Madrid installed UV-C lights provide an extra layer of protection for its artists, employees and spectators.