Warsaw rolls out huge lighting replacement project

A city highway at night
The Polish capital is replacing its 38,500 luminaires on its main arterial roads with LED versions made to a unique design.

THE CITY of Warsaw is rolling out one of the largest street lighting replacement projects in in Europe.

The Polish capital is replacing its 38,500 luminaires on its main arterial roads with LED versions made to a unique design.

The new lamps will be installed in stages, and the last batch should appear on the streets of the metropolis in December 2022. 

The street luminaires will be custom-made for Warsaw under the £6 million (€7 million) deal. They’re being designed and manufactured from scratch by local firm LUG Light Factory to the specification of the Public Road Administration.

The City is also entitled to an option to increase the number of LED luminaires to a number corresponding to an additional £1 million (£1.1 million) gross without an additional bidding procedure.

The luminaires – which come in two different versions – will be equipped with Zhaga sockets, where controllers for a lighting management system can be installed in the future.

Thanks to the tool-free mounting system, the luminaires will also be easier to mount and use. 

Luminaire components, as well as all electrical connections, have been designed in such a way that maintenance is easy and consequently cheaper. This approach, as well as the aluminium alloys used to construct the luminaires mean they will last several decades and meet the requirements of the right to repair elements of the EU’s EcoDesign Framework Directive, which will come into force in April 2021.

The investment by Capital City Hall will result in a three-fold reduction in electricity costs. 

The savings resulting from lower energy consumption will amount to approximately 38 GWh per year, reducing electricity bills by approximately £3.2 million (€3.6 million). 

As a result, a return on the investment is expected within three years.

‘It is a great honour to be able to prepare an original lighting project for the capital city,’ Ryszard Wtorkowski, president of the management board of LUG Light Factory, told Lux. 

‘The new LED luminaires will be one of a kind. Thanks to their unique shape, Warsaw will be illuminated with stylistic coherence and the highest parameters of light efficiency will be maintained.’

In the future, lower operating costs will also be influenced by the use of a lighting management system, thanks to which information about the failure of any of the luminaires will be sent directly to the Public Road Administration, without the need to send maintenance personnel to the site. 

This is a matter of future decisions, but LUG luminaires will already be equipped with Zhaga sockets that will enable integration with such a system.

One of the largest lighting investment projects in Europe

The concluded bidding procedure concerns the replacement of lighting on the main streets of Warsaw. 

There are also plans to replace the lighting on high posts at road junctions and on historic streets. This means that the total quantity of replaced lighting will increase to 43,000 luminaires. 

BIOT, a member of LUG’s Capital Group, is responsible for the implementation of the remote control system and for the infrastructure inventory.  

Six companies, with some of the largest international corporations among them, took part in the bidding procedure.