Lighting Industry

Instagam initiative offers lighting sector a ‘gentle escape’

A dog with a stick walking down a city street
‘The Hackney Hound’ is one of the light-hearted images on The Light Retreat’s feed on the social media channel Instagram

A LIGHTING industry initiative on the Instagram social media platform aims to offer what it terms a gentle escape from work pressures exacerbated by the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Light Retreat (the_light_retreat) is designed to offset the ongoing stress of adjusting to a business world where physical human interaction is minimised. 

The brainchild of April Dorrian and Jess Gallacher, the concept described by the duo as a ‘soothing and inclusive exploration of goodness in the world around us’.

Colleagues in the industry, including manufacturers, lighting designers, consulting engineers and suppliers, have began sharing images ‘giving a glimpse into what speaks to their souls and matters in their lives’.

The choice of a picture-driven feed on Instagram was deliberate, say the founders, as a counterbalance to LinkedIn, where the sales and marketing of brands and products has become more pronounced since the pandemic began in March last year. 

Additionally, the images are not necessarily about lighting or life in the industry, but positive images often featuring home comforts and handmade crafts.

  • The Light Retreat can be found on Instagram at the_light_retreat
  • Anyone who would like to submit an original image for consideration is invited to email [email protected].