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Industry laments ‘missed opportunities’ in eco rules

Delegates in the European Parliament
LightingEurope, which represents 1,000 lighting manufacturers across the continent, said it was disappointed that European legislators ignored some of its ideas on the EcoDesign regulations

THE LIGHTING industry has described the updated European environmental regulations as a ‘missed opportunity’ after its recommendations for amendments were ignored.

LightingEurope, which represents 1,000 lighting manufacturers across the continent, said it was disappointed that its ideas on the minimising the stroboscopic effects of light sources were not incorporated in the EcoDesign Regulations, most of which comes into force in September.

LightingEurope experts suggested what it termed important changes to the regulations to allow private and professional users of light sources what it termed ‘sustained access’ to the quality and safe light sources they need. 

The updated Ecodesign Regulation contains stroboscopic effect requirements with relevant consequences on the market. Products need to be redesigned to comply to the new strict requirements which may limit the availability of 

lamps to consumers, such as LED full glass lamps. 

The published timeline is ‘very challenging’ for companies to adapt, occurring in an already very difficult time for the industry due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

‘We expect Member States authorities to make additional efforts to ensure full compliance of products placed on the market, which are imported from outside the EU’.

The EcoDesign bill will also force manufacturers to change their designs so that light sources and gear can be replaced by either the user or a qualified technician. 

However, some industry observers have questioned the wisdom of building interchangeability into every new light fitting.
They say it adds components and embedded energy and that luminaires are replaced when spaces are refurbished, and not when the output of the LEDs has fallen to unacceptable levels.

LightingEurope has published guidelines to help companies understand and apply the new complex rules to their products and to help market surveillance authorities enforce them.

The official publication of the updated EU regulations is expected in late spring 2021 and will become applicable on 1 September 2021.

  • See LightingEurope’s updated guidance HERE