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A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy was electrocuted by ‘defective’ lighting in the garden of an Essex pub, a court has heard. Harvey Tyrrell, died when simultaneously touched the cabling connected the exterior lighting and a metal fence at the King Harold public house in Romford in 2018.  This week Colin Naylor, the 73-year-old electrician responsible for installing...
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London-based contracting giant TClarke has signed a five-year deal with Internet-connected lighting pioneer Gooee to provide its advanced technology in the UK. It will have the sole right to sell, install and maintain the Gooee suite of smart building products. As part of the agreement, TClarke has made an investment in Gooee. The strategic partnership...
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TOP scientists this week launched a major probe into how lighting affects our brain activity. The Lighting Research Center in New York is investigating the alerting effects of light by measuring brain activities under different light exposures using electroencephalogram (EEG) and through various performance tests done on a computer. The institute has recruited paid participants...

Lighting professionals: What you see may upset you. Ray Molony counts down Lighting Spy’s Top 40 worst crimes, blunders and screw-ups.  

There must be things that the hard-pressed facilities manager can do to make their job just a little bit easier, and maybe save a bit of money for better things. Here’s a list of actions that shouldn’t take too much effort to work out and which should see immediate benefits.