There is a growing adoption of Bluetooth LE Mesh technology in Smart Lighting deployments over the last few years. 

In this webinar, Mindtree explains some of the key Advantages of Bluetooth Mesh for Smart Lighting and some explore key Challenges which are limiting its full potential. 

Mindtree will help OEMs understand how best to leverage these advantages and identify solutions for these challenges, enabling them to address this lucrative IoT market. 


Led by Silvair's CTO and Bluetooth SIG partner, Simon Slupik and Lux Review's Editor Ray Molony, this FREE webinar will be centered around Bluetooth Mesh and will explain further how the cooperation between Bluetooth SIG and DiiA enables Bluetooth technology and DALI standards to complement each other, enabling new data opportunities.

This webinar will cover a wide range of aspects related to Bluetooth® mesh, giving you the understanding of the following principles, from the angle of practical implementations of lighting mesh products:
  1. 1. Radio network principles
  2. 2. Bluetooth mesh principles of operation
  3. 3. Security and provisioning
  4. 4. Information publishing and subscribing
  5. 5. Lighting models
  6. 6. Distributed lighting control

In the world of Smart Lighting, there has long been a debate about which protocol is "best" for use in lighting products and applications. In this session, Edward Lees, Global Head of Technical Product development at Feilo Sylvania will give you a perspective on the benefits that Bluetooth Mesh can realise for Lighting OEMs and lighting customers.