DALI-2: Smart lighting control and interoperability

Aired in 2018

As the latest version of the global DALI standard for digital lighting control, DALI-2 focuses on interoperability backed by a robust certification program. Also, DALI-2 standardization now extends to all devices in a lighting-control system, including sensors, other input devices, and application controllers. Join us to hear how DALI-2 is changing the digital lighting landscape.

Learning points:

  • Discover how the global DALI-2 standard enables robust, scalable and flexible lighting networks
  • Understand the major changes in DALI-2, including standardization of control devices, along with significant improvements in interoperability backed by DALI-2 certification
  • Learn about smart DALI LED drivers that are capable of reporting energy-usage and diagnostic data, and see how DiiA works with organizations such as ANSI and Zhaga on further standardization
  • Discuss common misconceptions about DALI, and hear how DALI compares with other protocols

Presented by:

Dr. Scott Wade

Technical & Certification Manager of DALI and DiiA